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  - You have a 356 ?  
    We love them.  
  - You want experienced advice and help ?  
    We have 20 years of experience working with 356 cars.  
  - You want to restore your 356 ?  
    We can restore your 356 partially or completely.  
  - You want an overhaul of your tired engine ?  
    We can restore your 356 engine, any type, including Carreras.  
  - You want a silent gearbox ?  
    We can restore also your gearbox.  
  - Your front lid hinges are bad ?  
    We make them good again.  
  - Your clock always shows the wrong time ?  
    We can repair it to show the correct time again.  
  - Your starter motor ist tired ?  
    We make it lively again.  
  - Your chrome parts are dull ?  
    We make them shiny again.  
  - Your 356 is missing some keys ?  
    We also have the keys for your 356.  
  - You are interested in our services ?  
    We have more for you.  
  - You want more information ?  
    We will gladly send you our free 60 page catalog.  
  - You need some 356 parts ?  
    We have over 1000 items in stock.  
  - You need these parts tomorrow ?  
    We will ship them today.  
  - You are looking for a rare 356 part ?  
    We will help you find it.  
  - You can pay in your currency ?  
    We accept VISA an Mastercard.  
  - You want to contact us ?  
    We are here to serve you.  
  - You want to visit us ?  
    We will take our time for you.  
  - You want to improve your 356 ?  
    We will give you advice.  
  - You want something more ?  
    We will listen to you carefully.  
For more information an the free catalog, please contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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